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CLE Presentation

Owner of The Veterans Associates Group (TVAG) was called upon to do CLE.

The Veterans Associates Group not only helps veterans but helps teach Attorneys how to practice this area of law. What our firm always says you don't need an attorney. This just stresses this point further. TVAG's main goal is better VA Law practicing. Everyday attorneys jump into this area without the prior knowledge and experience to practice it. Its a scare thing from our viewpoint, as a veteran is losing out on thousands of dollars for going this route. So the bar association in Hillsborough County called for a VA Presentation and the owner of TVAG stepped up to prepare the CLE for the February 21, 2019 course. Again just because its an Attorney doesn't mean they should be handling your claim for you. Always go with experience, advocates and very skilled and experienced VSO can handle your claim. Heck our group teaches attorneys.

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