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Iron Man 3 begins with a strong wind warning Stark's airplane for takeoff, signaling a malfunction in the plane's AI system. Flying as an executive from Stark Enterprises, Tony Stark's aircraft is forced to land in New York City. Immediately after landing, he notices a flash as he goes to move away from the plane and notes that his Iron Man suit has been ripped open. He is then brought to the NYC police station where he is debriefed by the NYPD. A hacker named Edward Colson, who infiltrated Tony's system, then makes it clear he has been behind everything that has happened. He calls the police's interrogation "a little too friendly," and, in an unexpected move, kills the interrogator. He then instructs the police to remove Tony's armor and take him to a hospital. He then uses the police's guns to attack Tony as he is carried out. The same night, Tony is placed in a holding cell. In his cell, he is visited by Pepper, who admits her love for him and also reveals that she has a tumor. They are then visited by friends and family, among them Happy Hogan. Happy tells Tony they should consider the possibility that the world is right and they are wrong, and that Stark Industries' years of unethical behavior has ruined his reputation. At this moment, an armored car carrying a group of Russian mobsters crashes into the cell and the armored car is shot at by a truck that had been accompanying the armored car. This starts a shootout in which several police officers, including two undercover ones, are killed. In the morning, Tony is escorted by an NYPD liaison to a private hospital where his primary doctor is Dr. Jeanne Santarém. He tells the doctor that he is not sure if he should return to work, as a few days before he had been hit by an SUV and lost one of his legs. The doctor informs him that he should consider his health, and that the various corporate sponsors he has lost are not worth risking his life for. Meanwhile, Colson has gone to the FBI offices, informing them of his hack into the NYPD's system. He is then taken to a local field office of the FBI by the authorities. Colson is then brought to a room where a man named Randall Barton is waiting for him. Barton is a former friend of Tony Stark who worked on the bridge of a bridge that was being built across the river that ran near Stark Industries. Col



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Ironman2fullmp4moviedownload chipschm

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