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Nightmare The Nightmare (novel) is a novel by Laurence Anholt. He was inspired to write the book after his first two novels, Night World and Enemy Mine, both received an average rating of only 3 out of 10 on Amazon, and the publisher did not expect Nightmare to do as well. The story is set in the novel's title and concerns a serial killer, a police officer who is investigating the case, a TV reporter, and a private investigator. Nightmare is based on the case of Wesley Robert Hughes, a serial killer who terrorized the US state of Michigan in the early 1990s. See also Night World (novel) Enemy Mine (novel) The Nightmare (film) References External links Laurence Anholt official site Nightmare at Amazon Nightmare at Goodreads Category:Novels by Laurence Anholt Category:2010 American novels Category:American thriller novels Category:Victor Gollancz Ltd books Category:English-language novels Category:American novels adapted into filmsQ: JAXB serialize with I'm trying to serialize a JAXB Java object (Gosu chess engine) to a file. The files are saved to disk using a I'm having an issue when the URI is not of the form file:// or file://// (I guess I'm too stupid to understand the difference). The stack trace of the error is : org.xml.sax.SAXParseException; systemId: file:///C:/temp/test.xml; lineNumber: 5; columnNumber: 8; An entity was referenced that is not defined in the XML document. This is the code I'm using to serialize the JAXB object : URL xmlURL = new URL(file.getAbsolutePath()); StreamSource xmlInput = new StreamSource(xmlURL.openStream()); JAXBContext context = JAXBContext.newInstance(GosuChessEngine.class); Marshaller




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